New vid available! Blue Moon is now up for download.


Check out the new redesign that is much, much less harsh on the eyes. Wish I could post a vid to go with it. Many projects in the works right now, but no finished product yet. I'm also working on moving a number of vids from one server to another, so if you have any downloading trouble, give it a day or two and try again. Everything should be resolved by then.


I LIIIIIVE. Actually, I just underestimated the time involvement necessary to not only organize two AMV contests for Anime Detour but the whole of the programming department. So vidding for me has been kind of sparse lately. FYI, if you want to get at any of my older vids you'll have to now download them as zip files since SOMEONE whose IP ADDRESS shall not be named can't read the "right click and save as" warning.

I've also uploaded two new vid shorts: The Show That Never Ends and Clap Your Hands, which I made for AD's WTF contest. Check them out.

I'm pondering a web redesign in the future as well since I know the red text is killing both your eyes and mine ded right now. Sorry about that.


It's not a vid, but if you're interested you can now download a copy of the parody fandub Donut no Yojimbo via bittorrent! More information on the project in the vids section.


*gasp* What's that you say? A new video available for downloading? To the downloads! Gay Boyfriend now available for your viewing pleasure.